School Closings and Delays


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When school is not to be in session, the decision is made by the Superintendent between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. (as early as possible.) School closing
will be announced over the local radio and TV stations and on the school’s website. The district’s calling system will be used to notify all families and
staff members.


In the event of an emergency which necessitates evacuating the school building, an alarm will sound signaling all of the students and school
personnel to leave the building and report to a designated safe area. If it is determined that the children need to be sent home, buses will be called.
Bulletins will be broadcast on the local radio stations, WDEV (550 AM), WSKI (1240 AM), WSNO (1450 AM), WORK (107 FM) and our district’s calling
system will be used to notify or leave a message for all families who can be reached by phone. Parents should have arrangements made for their
children in the event of any early dismissal. Students should know where to go if parents are not home when they get there. This "emergency home"
must be on the child's same bus route. Because we would not have time to contact all families, a bus pass for a stop other than the normal stop will
not be honored in the event of an emergency evacuation/dismissal.  You can also hear school closings and delays broadcasted on the following stations: WCAX. If school is closed early due to inclement weather, this also will be broadcast on the local radio stations listed below.


WSNO at 1450 AM 
WSKI at 1240 AM
WDEV at 550 AM

FRANK at 107.1 FM 
WNCS at 104.7 FM
WEZF at 93.5 FM

WCVR at 102.1 FM 
WWFY at 100.9 FM  
WCAX TV station