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Important Links for Students and Parents

Barre City Bulldogs welcome you to Barre City Elementary and Middle School!

Thank you for all you have done to help make our year go so positively and smoothly. We dedicate ourselves to our school mission that states:

“We are committed to providing a challenging educational environment that encourages high performance in a nurturing atmosphere characterized by dignity and respect."

All of us take this mission very seriously as we collaborate with you to educate your children and help prepare them for the exciting challenges that await them." Having the opportunity to work with your children is a pleasure and a privilege. There are so many ways to get to know us. We pride ourselves in the many ways we reach out to our students' parents

Campus Portal

 Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal

1.      Each Parent/Guardian wanting access to the Portal must submit a request the GoogleForm at this web address:

2.      We will check the information on this form against the Infinite Campus database, and resolve any issues if necessary.

3.      We will then send you an email (to the address you provide on the GoogleForm) with an access code and directions for setting up your portal account.If all goes as planned we will begin having parents/guardians live on the portal by early January.  We will also provide students with directions for access through their TA/Advisory in early January.We appreciate your continued patience as we complete our transition from PowerSchool to Infinite Campus.


Content Management System

We now have a content management system which is different than the old web pages. Content management systems are the direction most web sites are going these days. You need at least (higher is better) the following browser versions to view the pages correctly:
Internet Explorer 9
Sarfari 5 
Firefox 5
Chrome 15
These are the lowest and much higher are recommended. You can download newer versions of any of the above and you will have a better viewing experience.